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I'm Kate -Documentarian, mother of five and passionate life enthusiast.


I've spent the last ten years working exclusively as a Birth Photographer, capturing one of the most powerful moments of life. It has given me a huge appreciation for life itself and led me to think deeply about the individual and collective journeys we travel over our life span, and the elements that impact our years on this earth, such as family, privilege, poverty, love, loneliness & circumstance. 

Late last year, I watched my father reach the final days of his spectacular life. They were days filled with memories of a life fully lived. Memories of hard work, literal blood, sweat and tears. Memories of 54 years of marriage and parenting, the joys and the triumphs, the love and the laughter.


They filled our minds and our hearts. 

And oh, how I wanted to capture those memories, and box them up for eternity. Not just the stories themselves, but the way my father told them.  

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