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let's start at the beginning....

The Interview


I am genuinely fascinated with listening to the stories of those with the wisdom of years of life behind them. My desire is to create a space where my subjects, of any age and stage in life, are invited to share all of their truths, lessons, joys, regrets, hopes and everything in between, and I am simply there to hear and record it all as a precious and lasting memoir, as told by the person themselves.

I collect some information about family history, working life and major life events prior to the interview so that it feels much more like a comfortable and organic conversation, rather than a formal interview. I use small, portable lapel microphones which record via wifi to a tiny receiver so we can forget they are there, and chat with ease. The interview will typically take around 3-4 hours with a break as required. In the post-production phase, the audio is professionally edited and divided into chapters so you can either listen to the interview in full or skip ahead to particular stories or life events.

From the moment you engage me to document your life story, or that of a loved one, I am committed to doing so in the most authentic, gentle and joyful way possible. Your story is completely confidential and nothing is ever shared or published without explicit consent. 

The Photographs

As a society, we have a tendency to take fewer photographs of our elder generation, which I believe is a tragedy as we often miss the opportunity to capture the stories that are told through their physical form. A lifetime of emotion, represented by every line and crease on their faces. The rough, arthritic fingers displaying every laborious task and gentle touch. And the sparkly, wet eyes that hold stories of mischief, grief and desire.

Staying true to documentation, I like to photograph my subjects in places of meaning to them. That might be at a place of work (or previous work), on their morning walk or swim, on a beach, a farm, where they meet regularly with friends, or simply in their home or garden. If the person is in a nursing home or hospice, I can photograph them surrounded by their loved ones, as visitation rules allow. I work at the pace of the person I am documenting, so there are no tight time frames. If a rest is required at any stage, it can be freely taken. My intention is to capture their spirit and personality as they show me a place of importance to them. 

The Package


 -50% deposit paid on booking. Remaining 50% paid on the day of the interview & photographs.

-Enquire to discuss travel Australia wide.

* A digital album/audio book combining both the photographs and the audio, divided into chapters.

 -This digital album is designed to be easily shared amongst family members. It can be opened and listened to on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook in the Apple Books app. Alternatively, if you own a PC computer, I can create a PDF version which can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader

* A gallery of 15+ beautiful photographs which are available to download in high resolution and printed as large as you choose. Downloads are unlimited so every member of the family can have access to these high resolution images.

*10 Master Fine Art prints on cotton paper, printed at 5x7" and delivered in a leather envelope. These will be delivered to the person who places the booking.

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